Automotive Bronzes
Below is a selected collection of Stanley Wanlass Automotive bronzes in reverse chronological order, beginning with his most recent works. Many of the bronzes come in a variety of finishes, including patinas, hand painted bronze and metal plating. Click each image for detailed information about the piece.

Stan's sculptures are cast in bronze using the 6000 year old classic (lost wax) process called Cire Perdue.

Flat Out S'DEUCED (DAGO'32) GRAND PRIZE 1911 S.F. to N.Y.C. '03
The Wasp Silent Knight Pursang James Dean
High Rollers Changing Times Dream Machines Fast Company
Santa's New Toy Visions Quicksilver High Gear
Two Thoroughbreds Cool 50 California Kid Street Encounter
Spirit of the Automobilist Five Miles to the Gallon First Love The Benz Centennial
Spirit of Mercedes Freewheelin' The Passing of the Horse New York to Paris '08
The Racers